Why Us

Why so many food experts and health organisations around the world are so hot about Extra Virgin Olive oil?

Extra Virgin Olive oil is a SUPERFOOD,
a rich mix of highly nutritious and healthy substances:

  • Vitamins, esp. vitamin E
  • Antioxidants e.g. Polyphenols
  • and above all mono-unsaturated fats, esp. famous oleic acid,
    the healthiest fat substance on earth and the basic ingredient
    of Mediterranean diet.
The more oleic acid, the more ExtraVirgin the oil.

Olive Oil quality depends on climate and type of soil

As with wines, where olive tree grow matters:

1) In Wet Climates, water penetrates the olive and dilutes content..therefore concentration of nutrients in the 'juice'goes down

2) Moreover, olive trees growing in rocky, mineral-rich soils are better fit to retain all important nutrients passing through roots to the tree

Therefore Not All Olive Oils are the same..

...even extra virgin ones!

Dry climate and mountainous landscape makes the best Olive Oil

SpartansTM is an exceptionally high quality olive oil, extracted from olives grown in Laconia historical area in South Greece, where the famous Spartans warriors lived and made olive oil for thousands years
  • Olives grown in dry climate and rocky, mountainous terrain contain much more antioxidants and vitamins,
  • Olives are collected by hand from the local farms,
  • Olive oil is extracted FRESH, with the latest technology available, WITHOUT any thermal or other form of chemical processing,
  • Bottled in dark glass bottles in a high tech bottling line
  • Spartans Olive Oil preserves all its healthy ingredients, giving it a STRONG AROMA & TASTE and making it a SUPERFOOD

Spartans Kalamata Olives

SpartansTM Kalamata olives are collected from Southern Pelloponese, the origin area of Kalamata variety, which is widely known for its firm flesh, strong aromas & dark skin colour

Apart from standard HORECA and Olive bar packs, AMVROSIA TOP FOODS produces a special Gourmet Olives line:

  • Innovative recipes like Kalamata Olives in Olive Oil (the traditional
    recipe of Greek villagers), Kalamata/Green Marinated Mix etc
  • Packed in stand-alone, resealable and practical pouch bags of 210g
    PASTEURISED like glass jar competitors

Spartans™ adds value to your customers and enriches your assortment.

A winning proposition:

  • Differentiated & unique branding : thousands of years of tradition of olive-oil making
  • Strong Marketing campaigns in association with your marketing team

Spartans Winning Promo Strategies

End-of-Gondola displays or stand displays, ideally
combined with a promo to the consumer

Price-off / Instant win / Cross-category promotions

  • Customer Loyalty programs (eg Collectable Cards for Kids)
  • Mediterranean catalogues (featuring Mediterranean diet)